Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another set of Flowers

I was really taken by this example presented in the class -- it looked perfect for a sympathy card I wanted to make.  I loved the misty quality and the diagonal composition. And now I keep a scrap piece of watercolor paper nearby to test strokes and pigment with before I apply my brush!  

This is the best class ever and I'm learning so much about brush techniques!!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Day Five - Expressive Flowers and Leaves

This was the best of the bunch!  I'm catching on to the brush strokes; used a larger brush and did better with layering color.  This is one of those cards that would be hard to send away!

Day 4 - Watercolor Class

This was a practice session on using brush techniques to create depth.  It actually came from a larger piece of watercolor paper.  I chopped off a section that looked OK and made it into this card.  My biggest challenge is to keep things from getting muddy by applying too much pigment too early,  After I finished the card I went in and removed some from the flowers so they'd have more depth.

Day one -Watercolor Class

Wow!  A new watercolor class for card makers has started.  I loved the first one I took a year or two ago.  It was so inspiring - and this one is nothing short of AMAZING!  I knew quite a bit about working with watercolor as a medium and mixing and blending colors, but this is on a whole new level for me because so much of it is based on the use of what I would call Asian-inspired watercolor techniques that are based on using pure brush strokes to create imagery,  First thing I had to do was go out and get some more brushes.  

This exercise was about creating an ombré effect using a flat brush and blending/bleeding two colors together.  I used it to create this simple but dramatic card with a butterfly and a few sequins for accents.