Friday, July 12, 2013

Card Camp Day 5

My drafting table looks like a tornado hit!  Trying this and that and then another color, stamp, paper etc. Aqua and purple are not natural partners but I did have some paper with both colors and a bit of yellow.  The purple looks too dark in the photo but it was nailed on by the time I had second thoughts!  This is why I always look a a card on "the morning after".  Haha!


  1. It all looks good to the bird perched on the bottom :-)

  2. Lovely! And you are not alone with the table looking like a tornado! :) Mine too!

  3. SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!:) From a Fellow Camper!:)

  4. There have been so many comments about everybody's table looking a disaster I finally went back & posted a picture of mine on my blog. Maybe it will help make somebody else feel better! I think it's great we all handled it in similar ways -- like a tornado hit! Your paper is perfect for the colors we have to use. I like the simple HELLO, too.

    1. Haha Sharon! I'm going to try to find your photo of the table!