Tuesday, April 22, 2014

There IS a difference between sets of watercolors!

I'm getting ready to take the Watercolor class for card makers in May.  I'm really excited to take this because watercolors were the first art lessons I took as a child from a wonderful Polish professor's wife long ago.  The best lessons she gave me were the assignments to mix colors to match whatever she had placed on a sheet of watercolor paper.

I have several sets of watercolors and one of the assignments for the class was to make color swatches.  Wow!  I really got to see what makes the Windsor Newton and The Reeves pigments so different from an inexpensive craft set.  The more expensive behave like die inks and have more pure pigment in them.  The less expensive $5 a set kind have some fun colors but they do behave more like pigment inks.  --there's more Clay filler in them so they are more opaque and tend to sit on the surface.  Very interesting.  

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