Wednesday, July 9, 2014

OK so the photo of this card is not fancied up with proper lighting and backgroung because it was so perfect that it whizzed out the door and to the post office before I had the chance to do things properly.  My friend Jerri is out on the West Coast for the summer with her family.  Jerri LOVES to knit.  I missed sending her a birthday card and so I found this cute little knitter (one of my MFT 
stamps.) Sometimes a card is just divinely inspired.  I know these are her favorite colors; the paper looks like the stockinette stitch! --and the added touch of stitching on the card with embroidery floss was perfect for someone who loves hand made things.   And the sentiment on the inside:  "Life is too short to buy cheap yarn"  - Jerrie's favorite knitting store is in the LA area and tres chic.

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