Tuesday, March 3, 2015

An Asian inspired Birthday Card.

Last year I was at a papercrafting convention and came across a single packet of Asian rice paper that looked a lot like silk brocade -  I only recognized it because I spent part of my childhood in China, and I saved it for special projects.  This photo doesn't do it justice, because there are bits of gold accents sprinkled among the flowers.

My sister Penny was born in China and is celebrating her birthday - a perfect occasion to get out this unique paper and turn it into an Asian-inspired birthday card.  In China, gold and red are the colors of good luck and prosperity, so in addition to the gold accents on the paper, I added the gold sequins and a gold-embossed "happy birthday" tune.  My sister has a great bird feeder on her porch and whenver I come for a visit we have a great time bird-watching from the kitchen table as well as on our walks in the woods.  So of course I added this bluebird, a symbol of happiness.  It picks up the bits of blue in the rice paper too!  And when we were growing up, the color pink was assigned to Penny by our Mum.  Pink sheets, Pink dressess, Pink bedroom!

Happy Birthday, Penny

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