Saturday, July 23, 2016

Starry Night

The Challenge for this hour was to create a starry night sky, inspired by a Van Gogh painting,  When the video for this challenge was finished, we both had the Kleenex out!  It was so beautifully done.

I loved how this one turned out and I coouldn't add any thread or sequins,  I think it would have taken away from from the beauty of the sky,  I was very fortunate to have recently visited my sister Penny, where we played a lot with watercolors. Penny showed me some techniques about  watercolors and sky.  


  1. I too teared up reading Van Gogh's words. I love your colors. Reminds me of early early morning light just starting to happen

  2. Gorgeous sky! That pink down at the horizon line gives your sky a beautiful pre-dawn glow! Thanks so much for playing!